Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Q&A with Siyabonga 'Bliq' Hlela also know as 'the number one tsotsi'

Bliq is a young Hip hop artist from Durban in KwaZulu Natal,who believes that when you want something in life,get up and go get it and you should never stop till you get it. He was recently featured on Truefelooi Top turn up tracks.

TRUEFLOOI: Tell us about your name 'Bliq' how did you come up with it?

BLIQ: The name Bliq is a slang word that defines something darker than black. I am a type of person that visualises things better in the dark; I like dark art and something darker than black represents the strength I have, and that’s how I came up with the name Bliq.More like a black panther, humble and comfortable in its darkness.

TRUEFELOOI: 'Number one tsotsi' what inspired you to come up with this title,for your track?

BLIQ: Well a lotta people have this tendency of thinking that a "tsotsi" is a gangster, crook etc. Mostly tsotsis are people coming from the townships. So I came out as a modern day tsotsi, kasi made mjita with big dreams, vision and ambitious to lead a good lifestyle. So basically the lifestyle I portray in that song is a lifestyle that most "tsotsis" lead, with an aim to transform negative tsotsi mentality into something positive, and I'm the leader of that, I'm a number one tsotsi "kasi made dreamer"

TRUEFELOOI: What,in your own opinion ,makes a great Hip hop artist?

   BLIQ: Hip Hop is a kinda music that is suppose to move people,     and to move people you need to study people. A great hip hop artist is someone who's capable of giving various emotions through music. Someone who's able to pass relevant messages that people can move with and relate to.

TRUEFELOOI: We know you have seen the Turn up SA list by Truefelooi what do you have to say about the list?

BLIQ: The list is dope, all the tracks featured on that list are buzzing in the streets and the best turn up songs by far.

TRUEFELOOI: Who would you like to work with on the list?

BLIQ: 1. eMtee
           2. Nasty-C
           3. Fifi cooper
           4. Benchmarq
           5. Royal Suave

TRUEFELOOI: Beside from the list who would you like to work with locally and internationally?

BLIQ: Internationally I'd like to work with J. Cole and here in S.A is AKA.

TRUEFELOOI: What do you like about your fans,and what do you have to say to them?

BLIQ: What I like about my fans is that they are believers, they believe in me and the music I'm doing and they keep motivating me to do even much greater things. And what I would like to say to them is that, their support is much appreciated, with their support behind me I can attempt to change the world with my music.

TRUEFELOOI: Thank you and God bless you. 

BLIQ: Thanks I appreciate what the Truefelooi team do.

BLIQ - Number one tsotsi